About Us
Initiated in 1996, the Illinois Fluted Point Survey has been systematically documenting fluted points in public and private collections in an effort to compile a comprehensive database on the occurrence of fluted points within Illinois and Wisconsin. The relatively rare nature of these artifacts makes this sytematic documentation important in order to shed light on aspects of Paleoindian behavior. Questions that can be asked include: Where are sites and isolated points found and what can this tell us about Paleoindian hunting and subsistence strategies? What kinds of raw materials were used to manufacture fluted points, and what can the use of different sources tell us about patterns of landuse, territory size, and/or the social interactions of these people? What other kinds of tools are found in association, and what can these assemblages tell us about site activities and behavior. What kinds and frequency of different fluted points are found here? Is the behavior of Illinois Paleoindians similar or different to that from other regions? How? Why?

The information that is gathered during this survey is an attempt to gather and synthesize data that is rare and dispersed across many different collections?It is important to gather this information in order to get the bigger picture of how humans were adapting to this regionat the end of the ice age. To date comprehensive information has been gather ed on 407 fluted points from present day Illinois.